My collection of Crochet Hand Towels I have made or I am working on at the moment.

I find nice hand towels and cut them in half, hem or zig zag the frayed part where I cut the towel and then crochet the rest. The towels I bought where all easy ones to cut because the images on them where put on in such a way that they where mirror images.

So I cut the towel in half between the images so that both halves have the image but also the nice border you see at the bottom of the towel.
The challenge has been to find the right colour crochet cotton and buttons but I'm getting there lol.
Seeing as the towels are cotton I am trying to only use cotton for the crochet part so that the towel will keep it's shape after washing.

I use 3 or 4 ply cotton and for the casting on I use needle size 1.75 mm. Ones I've done the first row I change to needle size 3 mm
The coloured border is done with needle 1.75 mm.

10/10/2012 3:16pm

I love these especially those with green. You really do great work.


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