For people with arthritic hands, the elderly or little kids, it can be a nightmare using the normal square flannel.

Now I love to recycle and for this project I have used a small bath towel that was getting a bit thin and therefore is perfect for making flannel mitts out of it.

This bath towel had a nice border so I cut the part above the border off. I then used the width of the towel to cut 2 pieces - each are 21cm long and 26cm wide. I then used the sewing machine to Zig zag over lock the frayed borders.

Fold half of the top (fancy) border and sew it in place. Then fold the cloth sideways with the border touching.
Make sure you have the good side turned in before sewing the sides together.
I used the bottom part of the towel to make the other 2 flannels as that too had this nice border.
Turn the flannel the right way and voila ... all done :)  I did make 4 pink flannels with that nice border and 3 plain bordered ones.

Having used both ends of the towel I was left with the middle part. Not wanting to throw that out I decided to make a bath mat out of that. Either use it as a bath mat or maybe as a towel for your pet.

The remainder of the towel already had 2 sides hemmed so all I had to do was zig zag, over-lock the frayed sides. I then folded the towel with the hemmed sides touching while folding the frayed, over-locked sides in.
I pinned the folded in sides together and then using the sewing machine, sew it all together around all 4 edges; making it a double thick bath mat or pet towel.

18/08/2012 10:56am

I really think these are a terrific idea.

I'm going to have a try at them myself and maybe give them away as Christmas pressies this year.

19/08/2012 9:55am

Thanks :) I am making these indeed for Christmas gifts. I will take a photo with my hand in the flannel so one gets a better idea what they look like.


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